meet & work – Face to face with the right people

The right contacts improve your business success. This is why our matchmaking tool meet & work brings you together with our exhibitors.

We do not only help you in finding exactly the companies and exhibitors that matter to you, but also put you directly in touch with just the right person in the organization. You save time and use your time at the show much more efficiently.

meet & work works even before the STUVA-Expo opens – by identifying the right partners for your company and facilitating contact.

Do you have any specific requests to the exhibitors of STUVA-Expo? Are you looking for a product or service that meets your special demands? Even though our STUVA-Expo exhibitor directory allows a detailed search for exhibitors, product categories and product information, sometimes a few questions still remain unanswered.

Especially for this purpose we developed meet & work and here’s is how it works

  • Introduce yourself to the exhibitor
  • Enter your question
  • Select product categories or exhibitors

Your request is then forwarded directly to the exhibitors listed under this product category and you will be contacted directly by them.

Data Protection Regulations of deltacom projektmanagement GmbH

The present data protection regulations make equal reference to both men and women. For the purpose of simplification, only the male form is used.

1. General Information on Data Protection

The Internet portal of STUVA-Expo is primarily a marketplace for the processing of business transactions. Although a great deal of information is also available to anonymous visitors, there is sometimes a need for us to obtain data from you which can be company or even person-related in order to provide you with the desired services. Our systems protect your data in accordance with internationally applicable data protection standards, the data protection directive of the European Union and national data protection regulations. Our goal is to make it possible for you to be certain of responsible and confidential treatment of your data. Personal data is used exclusively for the purposes explicitly stated in these data protection regulations or during later data collection.

Our websites may contain links to websites of other providers. As we are not responsible for their information, we recommend that you study the information provided on such sites concerning data protection carefully.

2. Data protection with special applications

2.1 online orders

When you use our online ordering system, we receive from you the data required for processing of the order and performance of the services agreed.

2.2 Electronic Newsletters

We enable the ordering of electronic newsletters on various subject areas. For this, we record the e-mail addresses of those users who voluntarily register as subscribers. The users can delete themselves from the circulation list by following the instructions including in every dispatch.

2.3. Tradevisitor registration

After registering on our website, trade visitors and journalists are entering their personal data into the trade visitor directory of STUVA Expo.

3. Public Process Directory

3.1. Name of the responsible body:

deltacom projektmanagement GmbH

3.2. Management:

Heiko Heiden (GF)

3.3. Address of the responsible body:

Gertigstr. 59, 22303 Hamburg

3.4. Purpose of the collection, processing or use of data

The purpose of the deltacom projektmanagement GmbH company is the organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad, through the organisation or implementation of congresses and conferences, and through all activities related to the trade fair, exhibition, congress and conference business.

The data is collected, processed and used in the performance of the declared purpose of the company, in particular for the processing of the respective business transaction, including the provision of information to our customers before and after the event as well as concerning future events of deltacom projektmanagement GmbH. Your person-related data is not forwarded to third parties for promotional purposes.

3.5 Normal periods for the barring / deletion of data

The law contains a wide range of regulations concerning keeping requirements and deadlines. Upon expiry of these deadlines, the corresponding data is deleted as a routine procedure. Excepted from this is data required for the processing of the respective business transaction with deltacom projektmanagement GmbH and in particular for informing customers before and after the event as well as concerning future events. The data on customers who no longer wish to receive corresponding information is barred. To enable consideration of a corresponding declaration by the customer at all times, the data of the objector must be kept permanently in a barring list and, as a rule, cannot be deleted (see § 35 (3) no. 2 BDSG (German Data Protection Act).

4. Right of objection

Naturally, every one of our customers is at liberty to indicate purposes for which his person-related data should not be used. Should you no longer wish your data to be used for a specific purpose, you can object to farther reaching use of your data.

Meet & work

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Access control and data transmission
Aeration plants
Axial flow fans
Belt conveyor
Building renovation
Cables and lines
Casting resin technology
Cavity filling
Center Instrumentation & Control
Civil Engineering Products
Coal mining
Cold-shrink technology
Concrete refurbishment
Conveyor technology
Cutting rolls
Dam- and Sewer rehabilitation
Data management
Dewatering solutions
Drilling heads
Driving technology (conventional tunnelling, mechanized tunnelling, pipe jacking)
Electrical Components
Emergency Lighting
Emergency marker Light
Energy supply
Engineering office
Equipment for conveyor belt systems
Equipment rental
Explosion protection
Fan control
Filter press
Fire protection systems
Formwork solutions for tunnels
Gas metering
Ground stabilisation
Hybrid cable and lines
Impact bars
Interior construction
Joint tape
Logistics (supply and disposal)
Low voltage
Medium voltage
Mineral Building Materials and Additives
Optical waveguides
Panic Lighting
Personal Equipment
Pipes and Drainage Systems
Plastic waterproofing membranes
PP fiber
Project data management
Project Management, Planning and Site Management, Supervision Interior Construction
Project Management, Planning and Supervision, Structural Works
Quality assurance
Quality datamanagement
Reeling cables
Remote control
Road construction
Sealing technology
Seals for tunnel constructions and pipe jacking
Sectional Stations
Separation Technology
Service Company in the coal mining industry
Shaft hoisting technology
Shaft Sinking
Site Equipment and Shop Operations
Sleeve pipes
Special Contractor
Splice connections
Starting seals
Steel Construction
Structural wireless monitoring
Substrate preparation
Surveying and geotechnical measurements
Switch Cabinets
TBM seals
Tunnel Border Facilities
Tunnel communication
Tunnel construction
Tunnel Extension
Tunnel formwork
Tunnel Safety
Tunnel Traffic Computer
Tunnel Traffic Control
Tunnel Traffic Management
Underground irrigation and cavern systems
Ventilation technology
Water treatment plants
Wear and Spare Parts
Wireless remote condition monitoring
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