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When will I receive free exhibitor passes?

Exhibitor passes to STUVA Expo are free of charge and are not limited in number.

Please mention all staff being present at your stand.

The exhibitor passes will be sent to you automatically. The automatic delivery of exhibitor passes is subject to full payment of the invoice for admission.

Please note the final shipping date for your country/region:

  • Germany: Ship until 31 October 2019
  • Europe: Ship until 11 October 2019
  • Overseas: Please pick up on site at the office of the STUVA project management.

We would be pleased to accept your order after these dates.
However, we then request that you order and pick up your exhibitor passes directly from the STUVA Exhibition management office against presentation of documentation confirming your employment status.

Please keep in mind that your exhibitor pass does NOT entitle you to use public transport free of charge.

Where can I order exhibitor passes?

You can order exhibitors' passes quite simply via our online service centre which will be available to our exhibitors in spring 2019.

Do I need an admission pass for Messe Frankfurt during set-up and dismantling?

No, you can access the Messe Frankfurt without a pass during set-up and dismantling.

May I take photographs at Messe Frankfurt?

Generally, photographing at Messe Frankfurt is not permitted.
For taking pictures of a trade fair stand, please obtain the permission of the exhibition management.

How can I register as an exhibitor for STUVA EXPO?

You find further information regarding application, prices and timetable under your participation.

May visitors bring their dogs to events?

Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart. There are not enough grassy areas where they can be taken for walks.

How do I get to Messe Frankfurt?

Information on how to get to Messe Frankfurt is available under the menu item your arrival.

Who can answer my technical questions?

For all technical questions, please contact the trade fair management.

deltacom projektmanagement GmbH
Tel.  +49 40 35 72 32-0
Email: info@deltacom-hamburg.de

When do I have to do technical requests?

All important dates and deadlines can be found in our online service centre which will be available to our exhibitors in spring 2019.

Can exhibitors participate in the STUVA Conference?

Our Exhibitors are entitled to one complimentary ticket to attend the STUVA Conference. The ticket is issued to your company and transferable. The ticket will be sent in due time before the event starts.

Where do I find further information regarding the STUVA Conference?

For all information about STUVA Conference, conference registration, gala evening, technical excursions, sponsorship opportunities etc., please contact:

Studiengesellschaft für unterirdische Verkehrsanlagen e.V.
Mathias-Brüggen-Straße 41
D-50827 Köln
Tel.: +49 221 59795-0
Fax: +49 221 59795-50
E-Mail: info@stuva.de
Internet: www.stuva.de

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